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Price stated is $/ gallon of Golden Delicious Juice pressed here in Julian on either September 27 or October 4 (2014).

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The Golden Delicious Apple

The Golden Delicious Apple

The Golden Delicious Apple’s Suitability and Flavor

It is excellent as an eating apple, with its crisp, creamy, white flesh, which is sweet, tasty and juicy.

Aussie Apples

Golden Delicious falls in the aromatic group, along with delicious, winter banana, ribston and MacIntosh.

US Agricultural Reasearch: Making and Preserving Apple Cider

At Northern Natural we take it a step further by mixing together 7 different varieties of hierloom apples for a tastebud-tingling medley of sweet and tart flavors. Our premium gourmet blend includes: • Red Delicious • Golden Delicious • Jonathan • Northern Spy • Rome.

Northern Natural Cider House

CIDER REVIEW: CIDER52: WEST COUNTY CIDER REDFIELD … Here is a cider that uses 25% Golden Delicious apples to great effect.

United States of Cider

Granny Smith & Golden Delicious (with added tannin) are used often in the Australian ciders and give a thinner, light colored drink, this is sweetened to give what Australians have come to expect cider to taste like.

Telopia Mtn. Permaculture & Nursery

Cider Apples 101 …. I like The Hills Cider Company’s approach by trying to get some sort of quality system in place. For example, through their experience they believe Granny Smith gives acidity and crispness, Golden Delicious gives complexity and Jonathon offers up-front apple flavour.

All About Cider

Apples: A Guide to Selection and Use – The Golden Delicious a general use cider apple while also adding aromatics to cider blends.

Ohio State University

Commercial Cider Makers Using this Variety

Argus Cidery

Northern Natural Cider House

Orondo Cider Works

Telopia Mtn. Permaculture & Nursery

Wildfire Cider (Alpenfire)


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