Price stated is $/ gallon of Bartlett Juice pressed here in Julian on either September 27 or October 4 (2014).

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The Bartlett Pear

The Bartlett Pear

The Bartlett comes in many colors.  When it comes to cider or perry however, the flavor is the same.

The Bartlett’s Perry Suitability and Flavor

The California Pear Organization performed a study to determine the viability of Bartlett and other California pears for the purposes of making perry.  They Found that their tasters rated the Bartlett first place among the three varieties tested:

First place overall, preferred by 4 of 6 tasters. Slight oxidation noted, probably due to overripe fruit that was crushed. Very pretty appearance, in the color range of pale yellow to straw. The cider has a pleasant pear fragrance, soft rounded mouth feel, and a slight bitterness in the final taste. The cider also tasted a little flat to some of the panel, and they felt that slightly more acidification would improve it. Others found it very refreshing, light and clean tasting.

Juice of Bartlett pears is certainly well suited for fermentation into a quality sparkling beverage. Additions of tartaric acid and tannins improve the structure and mouth feel of the cider. The resulting beverage is fragrant, tastes good and is light and dry.

California Pear Organization Cider Study

What Others Have to Say:

Our experiments demonstrate that an ultrapremium-quality cider can be made from juice grade Bartlett pears. Pear fruit should be ripe for optimum flavors and aromas.

University of California – California Agriculture

Festive and light, Spire Mountain Pear Cider is alive with delicate flavor. A blend of Bartlett, Bosc and Anjou pears gives this hard cider a gentle zest.

Spire Mountain

Our Pear Hard Cider was made from juicy Bartlett Pears grown right here in Michigan. Semi-dry and sparkling with carbonation, it’s uncommonly refreshing.

Uncle John’s Fruit House Winery

Commercial Cider Makers Using this Variety

Colorado Cider Company

Great Shoals

Spire Mountain

Uncle John’s Fruit House Winery



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